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Is the dream! It is both the spark and reason that is your journey!

Curiousity, mystery and hope are the sparks that  push us in new directions throughout our lives. The desire to experience life in new and exciting ways is what drives us to be all that we believe we can be.

The Dream of Flight seemed impossible for many.

The Wright Brother’s dream’t, they were inspired to a point that belief in possible fueled that dream.

dreaming is believing®

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Is bound to inspiration and drives us! Life experience and exterior influence begins to shape us.  We observe and calculate everything based on the perspective we carry.

iNTENTION is everything!  The moment you find yourself inspired, it has been bundled with meaning and the two are inspeparable.

If your intentions are geniune, you will attract the people you need in your life along the journey.

dreaming is believing®

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Is inevitable and changes. iNTENTION defines the iMPACT the Dream Journey will have on you.

Each and every person you collaborate and work with on your journey will add to your success receipe. Transformation is a part of growth!

How were the 1000’s of people who came together to build the Golden Gate Bridge impacted by their decision to be a part of the process?  How many people took this experience away and helped others achieve their goals?

What iMPACT will the journey have on you?
Will you be the next dib® storyteller!

dreaming is believing®

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Is what you leave behind. It lasts forever! Every choice we make slowly and carefully scribes our life’s signature, .. it’s what we leave behind.

Dreaming Is Believing® is ultimately about this signature, the journey, and how we inevitably help each other pursue our Dreams.

Each one of the lines in the sand represents a path, ..a journey.  Some cross, some are deep, others are washed away, and yet they all head some where special, by choice.

dreaming is believing®

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