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Culinary Arts

“My mom pushed me to where I am at right now.”

Aleem Syed studied culinary arts around the world. During high school in Vaughan, Syed did a co-op placement at chef Mark McEwan’s North 44. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and worked at Manhattan’s BLT Prime before returning home to cook at spots like Canoe, Sopra Upper Lounge, Terra and Eagle’s Nest Golf Club in Maple.

“My mom pushed me to where I am at right now.”

Syed returned to cooking at first through catering. He wants to make money — lots of it — to one day go to Project Walk in San Diego to hopefully regain function through an activity-based recovery program.

He latched onto the idea of a food truck with help from Buster’s Sea Cove owner Tom Antonosakis, who runs a truck as well as a food stall in St. Lawrence Market.

The truck is now being customized with a modified kitchen. Syed and his employees will be able to drive it — he already drives a car with the help of hand controls.