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The Starridge Group: Redefining High-End Real Estate in Silicon Valley.

In the dynamic world of high-end real estate, few professionals possess the innate talent and unwavering dedication that Sunil Gupta brings to the table. Based in, California, Gupta has established himself as a formidable force, renowned for his exceptional use of space, innovative integration of unique design ideas, and the seamless combination of simple form with high-end function. With a remarkable journey that began at the young age of 14, Sunil’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

Sunil’s passion for real estate was ignited at a remarkably young age. At 14, he embarked on his journey, starting as an eager intern with a prestigious Silicon Valley-based realty firm. Recognizing his remarkable drive, people skills and potential, the firm took a chance on him, a decision they never regretted. It quickly became apparent that he possessed an extraordinary knack for understanding the intricacies of the real estate market and the art of deal-making.

HIs early experiences in the industry laid the foundation for future success. Working alongside seasoned professionals, he gained invaluable knowledge about the nuances of the market, honing his skills in negotiation, market analysis, and client relations. This immersive exposure provided him with a solid understanding of the industry and helped him develop a unique approach that blends innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

The Signature Style: Use of Space and Creative Integration

One of the defining aspects of his work is exceptional use of space and floor plan design. Whether it’s a sprawling luxury estate or a contemporary urban penthouse, Sunil has an uncanny ability to maximize the potential of any property. Sunil’s visionary approach allows him to transform seemingly ordinary spaces into stunning, functional masterpieces that resonate with buyers seeking the finest in high-end real estate.

Gupta’s creative integration of unique ideas sets him apart from his peers. He understands that today’s luxury homebuyers crave more than just opulence; they seek residences that reflect their individuality and offer unparalleled experiences. With this in mind, he employs a range of innovative design concepts, seamlessly blending traditional elegance with modern amenities. From incorporating cutting-edge technology to introducing sustainable elements, his creations push the boundaries of conventional real estate design.

Specializations: Deal Negotiation, New Construction, and Renovation

As a seasoned professional, Sunil has cultivated expertise in various aspects of real estate. His prowess extends to deal negotiation, an area where his exceptional skills have earned him a reputation for securing favorable outcomes for his clients. Gupta’s ability to navigate complex transactions and leverage his extensive network of industry contacts allows him to achieve the best possible results.

His acumen also extends to new construction planning and design. He works closely with developers and architects to bring visionary projects to life. By carefully considering market trends and buyer preferences, Gupta ensures that each new construction project is not only aesthetically appealing but also aligned with the needs of discerning buyers.

In addition to new construction, Sunil has earned accolades for his expertise in renovation and remodeling. He excels in transforming outdated properties into contemporary masterpieces, breathing new life into homes while preserving their unique character. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Gupta creates spaces that blend sophistication and functionality.


Sunil’s journey from a young intern to a sought-after high-end real estate consultant in Northern California serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals. His innate talent, combined with years of experience and unwavering dedication, has positioned him at the forefront of the industry in his geographic area of expertise. Sunil’s creative use of space, innovative integration of unique ideas, and ability to combine simple form with high-end function have made him a formidable force in the real estate arena.

As he continues to redefine himself, Sunil Gupta’s expertise in deal negotiation, new construction planning and design, and renovation and remodeling remains unparalleled. With a remarkable track record and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Sunil now focus’ on professional consultation.  If you are looking for a representative to guide you through the process of real estate acquisition and from search to sign, Sunil exemplifies the very essence of the partnership you are looking for.