The saying “hard work always beats talent that doesn’t work hard” implies that, even if someone is naturally talented, their lack of effort and dedication will be surpassed by someone who works hard to develop their skills. In other words, talent alone is not enough to achieve success – it is the combination of talent and hard work that leads to achievement.

There are many examples of individuals who have achieved great success through hard work and dedication, even though they may not have been born with exceptional talent. For instance, athletes who spend countless hours practicing and honing their skills often surpass those who may be naturally gifted but don’t put in the same amount of effort. Similarly, in the world of business, those who work hard to develop their skills, knowledge, and network are more likely to succeed than those who rely solely on their natural abilities.

However, it is also worth noting that talent can provide a significant advantage, especially in fields where it is crucial. Hard work alone may not be enough to compensate for a lack of natural talent in certain areas. While hard work is undoubtedly essential for success, it is not the only factor, and a balance of both talent and hard work is often the most effective approach.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of grit, determination, and dedication in achieving success. These qualities are often closely linked to the concept of “hard work” and can play a critical role in helping individuals reach their goals.

A study by Angela Duckworth and colleagues found that grit, defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals,” was a significant predictor of success in various domains, including education, sports, and the military. The study found that individuals with higher levels of grit were more likely to accomplish challenging tasks and overcome setbacks.

Another study by Carol Dweck and colleagues explored the concept of a growth mindset, which is the belief that one’s abilities and talents can be developed through hard work and dedication. The study found that students who adopted a growth mindset were more likely to persist through challenges and ultimately achieve more significant success in school.

In addition, research on deliberate practice, a form of intense and focused training, has shown that dedicated practice can lead to significant improvements in skill development. Studies have found that individuals who engage in deliberate practice for extended periods are often able to achieve high levels of expertise in their chosen fields.

Overall, these studies suggest that hard work, grit, determination, and dedication are crucial factors in achieving success. While natural talent and ability can be important, these qualities can help individuals overcome obstacles and persist through challenges, ultimately leading to greater success.

How does this relate to dib®

Now more so than ever, the idea of the self made millionaire is everywhere.  Social media platforms are full of individuals publishing over night “get rich quick” systems and content.  A small yet influential part of our world promotes that you can make it all on your own and in no time at all.
Commitment leads to connection, and having a talent to draw from offers you and advantage!

Inspiration is Belief!
Intention binds to it in the moment,..  it’s your “why.”
Impact,.. this journey will change you and the people around you.
Impression,.. the important stuff you seed along the way and leave behind for others to follow.

The Dreaming Is Believing® community is being formed by people who are embrace inspiration, intention, impact and impression,.. and they are just becoming aware of it!

– William Lucas – this is dib®

Peter Pantzoures – a dib® example of passion and determination


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